…If you are unhappy – change your life…

“Hi Ira,

Just a quick note to say ‘thanks very much’ for helping me figure out what I truly wanted and to feel positive about the future. I was really struggling to manage change but you working with me helped me go through that transition in my life with less stress, frustration and sadness then I ever imagined possible. And, all that via skype!

I now have clarity and motivation to make the most of my time with my children and of my career. Already, I can feel the difference in my mood and self-esteem, and see the possibilities before me and the ways I can achieve them. I feel content and happy now. (Ira, those were good coaching sessions!)

Thanks once again for your attention, skill and support”

​social worker
Ira’s coaching was a tremendous help to me. We worked very well together and I felt she understood well what my challenges were all about. I suppose, having held a number of senior positions herself (including a CEO post), Ira understood how lonely and demanding my role was and how tough it could be in the business world. When I first considered coaching, I was a bit sceptical about it all. After all – I thought – how could those 1-2-1 conversations about myself improve the business turnover and its effectiveness? But those conversations were constructive and the methodology Ira’s using as well as her warm and engaging personality made me understand that looking after myself, realising what and where I can improve, and putting practical steps in place to optimise my life-work balance were pivotal in ensuring my business goes from strength to strength. Ira has the commitment and the ability to guide you to the achievement you hoped for and she will help you with the situation you are in right now. I especially valued the fact that I could discuss confidential matters and specific circumstances with her. Her relevant, honest observations, feedback, challenge and guidance was invaluable. I realised that investment in the executive coaching with Ira was a solid investment in myself and in my company.
Executive Director
We highly recommend coaching with Ira to anyone who wants to get unstuck in their business, their career or life. Ira is an insightful, caring, thoughtful and enthusiastic taskmaster and cheerleader who effectively guides people towards greater perspective, achievement, and self-growth. Ira has helped us with strategies and gaining confidence in our abilities to make effective decisions; she helped us with getting rid of unhelpful and limiting beliefs; and, with creating space to think out loud, to explore the potential and opportunities ahead and take steps to grab those. Her coaching has gone into personal ‘stuff’ which helped us see what was in front of us all along and made us realise that by getting the ‘me and my life’ right, we can get the business right.
It has been a pleasure to work in partnership with Ira to design and fine tune our aspirations for our business and our lives. Ira is wise, gifted and skilled. She operates with the highest integrity; enables people to feel at ease; and is sensitive to their needs. Ira is an excellent communicator with sound judgement and first-rate listening skills. Following conversations with her, we felt empowered, motivated and had sudden insights into the reality which helped us enormously in how we approach and deal with obstacles and frustrations. She wanted us to succeed and was non-judgemental, honest and helpful in challenges she threw at us. Ira understood us and was a constant source of support. We feel that Ira helped us get to the next level.
Director and Business Owner
North Yorkshire         
Hi Ira,
Thank you for being such an exceptional coach. Your ability to listen, understand and steer discussion helped me to realise the behaviour that affected my professional life has an impact on my personal life too. You have helped me to get through a very challenging time in my life and through this made me realise my priorities in life.
Your expertise, engaging personality and life experience enabled me to focus my mind on my priorities and helped coach me to work out alternate ways of achieving my goals. Coaching has helped me understand and realise the various paths and decision making is always mine. This has empowered me, improved my confidence and to see things clearly and from new perspective. I am very grateful to you for helping me achieve my goals. Thank you again.
“I work as a manager in health service and at  times I felt no clear direction, and generally a lack of motivation. A recent fundamental change and transformation of my work context has only exaggerated it, my professional role became very difficult, demanding and uncertain. I had basically given up on my career advancement. My life was unhealthy, stressful and completing day to day tasks was difficult to manage. 

Ira has helped me to overcome this and improve further; she is a professional who is straight to the point, listens to your needs and formulates a treatment plan based on what you want to achieve from the sessions. It definitely worked for me and has improved my life, health, dignity, self respect and respect of others close to me. I am now a better manager and a person. My employer has benefitted as a direct result, too. 

I highly recommend Ira’s practice and would recommend her to anyone who aims to be better in personal and professional life, genuinely interested in making a significant life improvements and overcoming obstacles along the way.”
​NHS Manager
North Yorkshire
“This was the perfect time in my life to have your coaching, Ira. It has been a challenging period, with deciding to leave my company, actually leaving, and then the creation of my new business. I also had complicated personal relationships in that time as well with my family and my husband.
You are very conversational, approachable and non-judgemental. You asked me good questions to get me to consider specific actions and mindsets. Your background and experiences, from being a parent as well as an entrepreneur (having left the corporate life) were extremely valuable as they added the extra dimension of understanding my exact life circumstance. You are very level-headed and helped me to get some perspective on challenging situations.
I realize that I didn’t start out with very specific goals. In hindsight that might have been helpful, but then again I didn’t know how it was going to go to leave my job and start a new company. And yes, you did help me through the transition from my job to being an entrepreneur which was the overall goal. Well- the big one is that I have my own business now.  I realize that I have to prioritize GROWING this business in order for all other parts of my life to work. I love my family and I want to spend as much time with them as possible, but my bank account is at 0 and my husband is not earning enough for both of us right now.  Overall, I am happier with the flexibility of making my own schedule, but still missing the exact service/business model as well as clientele to grow my business. . I think one of the biggest insights is just how much work it is going to take me to establish and grow a successful business. As I think back to where I was in December, I remember feeling disempowered. I am now feeling very much empowered and excited about my life. I feel like I have the skeleton structure and now it’s about filling it out and growing it. My life is very different so there are a lot of things I’m doing differently.

I have a huge respect for what you do. Thank you.”
Experiential Learning Facilitator & Engagement Consultant
As a result of your coaching, I have realised that I do not have to do everything I am doing now absolutely perfectly before I can move on to new work or interests. I am more aware that I have agency in my own life, and that I am the one making decisions. I am more aware of techniques for prioritising what will make me happy in the long run, and that it’s okay not to always make the perfect choice. I am generally more focused and less stressed out.
I enjoyed your style of coaching – I felt like I had plenty of room to speak and you let me drive the conversation where needed, but you had more wisdom to input than someone in the role of a traditional counsellor, who is mainly there to listen and not to guide. For me, understanding a little of your previous history and where you’ve come from in terms of life journey was very powerful. I liked that I could know you as a person and not a cipher. At the same time, this never got in the way of being able to focus on me and my actions/goals etc.
I have got results I’ve been looking for, but it has also helped me to realise that this is a long process. I started out extremely stressed out and frustrated, and now that I feel so much less of that it has changed my priorities and how I see my future/what’s possible. So there is much more I want to achieve. It all seems more doable now. The only challenge is making time!
Now, I am able to enjoy myself more easily. I am more assertive at work. Goals seem more achievable. It was a very positive experience. Thank you!”
Events Manager