Improving Performance and Effectiveness

Whether you are a business owner, an executive, a manager, an employee or simply a person looking for a new job or career, I can help you develop, sharpen and refine your skills and approaches to substantially increase your chances of success – by helping you produce improved performance, increased effectiveness, easier transition and/or sustainable change. I will pay attention to understand your business needs and what you want to achieve. I shall consider where you are right now and where you want to be in the future and offer you objective and constructive perspective of your situation. Next, I will use my expertise to help you optimise you strengths, minimise your weaknesses, gain new awareness and help you acquire new techniques and new ways of working to get you to advance in your field. I shall find ways to enthuse and motivate you and your people to think creatively, and turn that insight, experience-based practical ideas new approaches and new products delivered by you and your team. I aim to make a real, tangible and positive difference to your business. Some of the coaching services I offer are:

  • Transition support
  • Decision-making
  • Executive development- senior level challenges and responsibilities
  • Management coaching – creative collaborations
  • Organisation and team performance
  • Leadership coaching – crossroads and vision
  • Communication and presentation awareness and skills
  • Developing resilience

People want me to be their business and career coach to help them improve their performance, effectiveness and decision making so they can define their vision, think and act strategically rather than tactically, be able to get results they want through others and become the leader they always wanted to be.


It is true to say that coaching is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life so it is important that you know you are getting value for money. Coaching can generate priceless results, but you do not have to pay excessive fees to get high quality business and executive coaching with me. I aim to make a difference and so to design a coaching programme to suit various circumstances and that will meet the needs and budgets of my clients. I shall provide options and recommendation once I understand fully your needs. That proposition will detail the approach and duration I believe is most likely to produce the desired outcome.

Executive coaching programme

Executive coaching is all about promoting increasing self-awareness, self-management, choice, competence and well being. The coaching process I design for your is fully customised for your needs, as I aim to help you realise new ways of thinking, behaving and acting that lead to greater achievement of business and personal successes.

Due to unique nature of both the relationship and the process, you can rely on full confidentiality of the constructive conversations that will take place, which will be further assured before the coaching begins.

Perhaps most importantly, by working with me, you will be able to rely on an honest objective observer who is credible, engaging and has a depth of knowledge to assist you with:

  • Improving your performance
  • Enhancing your decision making
  • Optimising your strengths
  • Transforming weaknesses and minimising unproductive behaviour
  • Excelling in handling change
  • Gaining clarity and insights about the current reality, personal presentation and style, crossroads, opportunities and risks facing you in your personal life or in your challenging role
  • Increasing your self-belief, self-awareness and composure
  • Developing the ability to manage organisational conflict and influence outcomes
  • Strategic and tactical problem solving
  • Minimising the feeling of isolation and frustration and enlarging the state of wellbeing and contentment

Bespoke business coaching programme

All my packages are tailored to your needs. You will not get a lot of theory picked up from books – I always place emphasis on the tested strategies and practices that generate results. Here is a list of effective and powerful strategies that you will be able to access and learn through the coaching process, depending on your needs:

  • Compelling goal setting
  • Personal efficiency – managing your time and your workload
  • Being able to inspire and motivate people
  • Becoming a more engaging leader
  • Leading in times of crisis, uncertainty and change
  • Developing creative collaborations
  • Communicating goals and strategy
  • Developing plans and strategies
  • Being assertive and giving effective feedback
  • Planning, prioritising, organising and delegating
  • Understanding and managing your finances
  • Recruitment, selection and retention of staff
  • Staff empowerment
  • Effective and robust decision making
  • Developing individual and organisational resilience
  • Improving morale and effectiveness
  • Developing and communicating USP
  • Developing and adhering to the KPIs
  • Setting yourself up for success and ridding yourself of limiting beliefs around success and money
  • Changing perspectives
  • Professional development
  • Emotional competence
  • Dealing with downsizing
  • Developing and mainstreaming new ways of working
  • Improving performance and exceeding goals
  • Improving revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Creating a positive, healthy and supportive work environment

Business coaching programme

I mainly work with small and medium businesses across private and voluntary sector. All my packages are tailored to your needs. What they all have in common is the structure of approach, strong focus on your needs and the quality of confidentiality, where even discussing sensitive information or personal concerns feels comfortable:

  • Firstly, by using some of the information about yourself and the business which you have given to me prior to commencement of the programme, you and I together will look at your business to help you realise what is standing in your way to achievement, with the new clarity. We will examine the current situation of every aspect of your business, from leadership and management to marketing and sales, I will help you prioritise and define the steps you need to take immediately to tackle the most pressing problems. I will give you the tools and guidance you need to find and solve the root cause of those acute issues and to get rapid results.
  • After you have addressed your most pressing needs, we will work on the longer-term change that you and your business may need. That involves defining your ultimate vision for your company (the business you want that reflects your values and has the traits you want producing results you want), setting challenging but achievable and measurable goals and creating a realistic and pragmatic plan of action – with clearly described, adjustable steps to be taken over a sensible time-period – to achieve outstanding yet sustainable outcomes for you and your business. Please note, the best results are achieved where the whole team is involved. I will help you get a master plan, a step-by-step plan, of how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Accountability is one of the greatest benefits and the key advantage of working with a business coach – of working with me. I will listen and I will give you a completely honest, unbiased, considered observation. I will tell it like it is – without judgement. And, I will be that someone that holds you accountable for the progress you are making. I am a firm believer that what gets measured, gets completed, so I will help you to minimise procrastination and setbacks, and to maintain your focus and drive by following-up on the agreed actions and commitments you made.

I will make sure that the bespoke coaching programme for your needs:

  • Fits with the day job of getting new clients and projects, running the business and managing the team
  • Relates to the available time to practice and embed the new learnings, tools and attitude
    Clarifies your responsibility, ownership, your accountability and the follow-ups required
    Fits with the time required to develop and embody the new way of thinking, behaving and working.
  • Gives you all the tools – methodologies and strategies you need, relevant feedback, appropriate challenge and some homework to speed-up your progress, as well as the peace of mind of knowing you are connected with me, whenever you need me, to keep you on track, to support and motivate you to realise your goal.
  • Gets you unlimited email support as well as telephone support (priority response for 15 minute emergency sessions) in between the coaching sessions, so you will stay focused on achieving the results you want.

Usually, the programme is a series of half a day sessions, with about one session per month, spread throughout the year that lets you learn, practice and progress. There will be assessments at the start, during and at the end of the programme to evaluate progress and suggest any additional development. The length of our coaching relationship depends on the identified need, the programme design, your availability and progress, but typically ranges between 6 and 24 months.

The cost of your coaching package is payable in full in advance or may be spread over the duration of the package in monthly payments, by standing order, subject to a 10% admin fee. The first month must be paid in advance of the first session by BACS or cheque.

You are free to use the hours allocated within the programme you paid for at any time within 24 months (from the start of the programme), after which any hours left over will lapse.

Executive coaching programme

I aim to enhance your on-the-job effectiveness, performance, ability to lead and sense of fulfilment. This fully bespoke engagement will provide you with both professional and personal development that is particularly appropriate if you are in a senior position, stressed, time-poor and experience a feeling of unsatisfaction and/or loneliness – all of those can be a common experience when you are at the top.

I want to help you achieve your full potential. It is all about what you need to make you thrive. I will help you realise where you are now, what is really what you want to achieve, what are the obstacles in your way and how you want it to be in the future. I understand that, in your role, you are expected to know everything, have all the answers, be on top of everything that is happening in the organisation, and to pre-empt any unforeseen activity or situations that threaten or challenge the organisation. You are under a lot of pressure, yet the physical and emotional demands that come with your position are often not considered or discussed. You know that you work hard, often putting in extremely long hours that others do not see, that you are sleep deprived and coping surprisingly well despite diminishing supply of energy. But you are not certain how long you will last….

  • In this model, we work in partnership, where I provide you with:
    a warm, confidential and supportive environment to work through your difficulties and concerns
  • focused, tailored and dedicated support, and the right balance of support and challenge; of listening and providing honest feedback
  • objective observation and reflection of your situation so you can more clearly see your options and strategies going forward.
  • useful techniques and methodologies to deepen your insight, increase your resilience and promote successful personal change
  • new insights into leveraging your own strengths and the strengths of your team to achieve better results on a more consistent basis
  • capacity to discover new methods of balancing work and personal/family life
  • methods of managing stress, change, conflict or crisis
  • ways of identifying solutions to specific work-related issues
  • techniques to enhance personal impact and performance
  • ways of enhancing habits that will ensure your high-level performance, personal learning and development continues after coaching ends.

My approach is results-orientated and values-led and reflects my belief that everyone can fulfil their goals. Your contribution is to be:

  • truly keen on gaining and maintaining new ways of thinking, behaving and working
  • willing to be more mindful about the choices you make
  • ready, committed and willing to change – the speed of progress and the success rate will depend on it
  • understanding that you are responsible and accountable for the progress you are making and the results that come out of it
  • wanting to connect to your values to improve your communication and relationships
  • prepared to do some homework to be stretched and challenged out of your comfort zone to enhance your learning and your self-confidence
  • practicing the newly acquired skills and ways of thinking until they become a habit

My aim is to encourage you to set strong goals and empower you to create a plan of action to achieve remarkable results within an agreed time-frame (normally 6 to 12 months). I am an objective outsider, allowing you to feel you have got a safe place to admit vulnerabilities, explore weaknesses and identify ways to be more resourceful in addressing them going forward. Ultimately, together we will renew your energy and resilience, restore you to your full capability, allowing you to perform at work and manage the various demands on your time and energy consistently well.

This programme offers:

  • A 3-hours long initial face-to-face consultation session
  • Depending on the length of coaching agreed (6 or 12 months), further 12 or 24 two- hour coaching sessions (these coaching hours can be taken in bundles), either in person at a venue near your office, or via skype to minimise your travel time and maximise time efficiency
  • In between the coaching sessions, I offer unlimited email support as well as telephone support (priority response for 15 minute emergency sessions), so you will stay focused on achieving the results you want.
  • After each session, I shall give you feedback, some homework to speed-up your progress and a written account of what was discussed in the session -successes, breakthroughs, issues raised and action committed to taking
  • The coaching tools and techniques you will find useful and effective, tailored to your needs
  • The peace of mind of knowing you are connected with me, whenever you need me, to keep you on track, to support and motivate you to realise your goals

The cost of your coaching package is payable in full in advance or may be spread over the duration of the package in monthly payments, by standing order, subject to a 10% admin fee. The first month must be paid in advance of the first session by BACS or cheque.

You are free to use the hours allocated within the programme you paid for at any time within 14 months (from the start of the programme), after which any hours left over will lapse.

Intensive mini coaching programme

A lack of time should not be the reason for you to give up on your ambitions and dreams of success and achievement. If you have a pressing one-off need – perhaps preparation for an interview or presenting in front of large (maybe hostile) audience, I would suggest you consider this intensive mini programme with me to tackle and win that particular challenge. The mini programme :

  • is a 3-hours long single session
  • can be face-to-face in York (UK) or skyping
  • comes with the assessment, goal-setting, note of actions committed to taking, practice and feedback, some homework to secure your progress and selection of tools and techniques to get you to conquer the task and on the road to more remarkable results
  • costs is payable prior to starting the session